Where are you in your public cloud security optimization journey?

Public cloud adoption is exploding. Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending to grow 18% in 2021 to $304.9 billion. Organizations are taking hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to digitally innovate, modernize processes, build efficiencies, and collaborate among teams. With the right public cloud approach, your development team can get the resources they need fast to move your enterprise forward.

But with any technology, there is risk. Security breaches happen, and the proliferation of public cloud has given rise to shadow IT and other threats to your critical data and infrastructure.

To help your organization make sense of the current public cloud security landscape, and provide advice on how best to navigate it, we’ve created our new eBook 7 Essentials for Public Cloud Security Optimization, which you can read for free anytime.

This is the third post in a weekly blog series examining each of the seven essentials. This week, we’re taking a look at Essential #3: Make Visibility the Priority.

Essential #3: Make Visibility the Priority

Sure, cloud implementations are supposed to make life easier for your entire organization, from IT through developers on down. But, sprawl can be a headache for people managing cloud environments. For example, you could have 750 S3 buckets spread across 30 different AWS accounts. Do you have a view into how many of those buckets are publicly accessible? Do you know who has access to them?

Take all the necessary steps to ensure visibility into your entire public cloud infrastructure is in place. You need every detail of your cloud configuration, from VPC CIDR, ELB Security Groups, DB encryption and more, at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. This way you’ll mitigate the issues that could arise from the unintended consequence of factors such as shadow IT. This will also help you drive more accountability in the environment.

It’s time to get your cloud security optimization in gear. Book your demo of CloudBolt’s security optimization solutions now.

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