We are excited to announce that today SovLabs is becoming part of CloudBolt Software, the leading Enterprise Cloud Management Platform (CMP). As companies continue to invest in multi-cloud tools and management platforms to manage and accelerate their hybrid cloud, the union of SovLabs and CloudBolt will provide our customers with unprecedented capabilities around cloud management, governance and automation.  

As SovLabs and CloudBolt join forces, we want to help our customers reimagine the way they view cloud management. Together, we will continue to provide codeless solutions for integrating and extending automation across IT teams. As the number of tools in the enterprise continues to expand, these integrations provide a faster provisioning experience and a dramatic reduction in custom code. Further, as companies continue to deploy these services across multiple public and private clouds, we will now be able to offer comprehensive solutions for governance, including better ways to visualize, secure, and optimize workloads and containers across environments.   

In short – the union of CloudBolt and SovLabs provides the ability for customer to use their tools of choice, in their environments of choice, without concerns arounds visibility gaps or costly technical debt from ad-hoc integrations. 

To dissect the news, CloudBolt’s Chief Marketing Officer Grant Ho sat down with Dave Wasserman, Founder of SovLabs, to learn more about what customers and the market can expect going forward. Below is a transcript of some of the highlights as well as a link to the full video.  



Grant Ho, CMO: Can you share a little about CloudBolt Software for those that may be unfamiliar? 

Dave Wasserman, CEOCloudBolt is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that provides provisioning, automation and orchestration capabilities for enterprise organizations – SovLabs key customer base.  


Grant Ho, CMOCan you share the reasons for the acquisition by CloudBolt? 

Dave Wasserman, CEOWe are moving towards development of our next generation solutions. The acquisition by CloudBolt gives us an excellent enterprise platform that we can build upon. We’ve been able to port a lot development over to the CloudBolt platform which will really accelerate the development of our next generation core services.   

Additionally, CloudBolt is really embracing the multi-tool, multi-platform reality that our customers are facing. This shared belief will bring a lot of innovation to the market.  

Finally, we see a tremendous number of unmanaged workloads in customer environments today. CloudBolt provides an option for us to offer customers which can bring those workloads under management quickly and cost-effectively.  


Grant Ho, CMO: What should customers take away from this announcement? 

Dave Wasserman, CEOWe want our customers to know that we are staying committed to our legacy partnerships. We believe in choice, customers can choose bestofbreed software, like vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Automation, F5, Ansible, Bluecat and other IPAM and DNS providers to meet their business needs. This doesn’t change.  

Not only will we remain committed to these partnerships, but we are doubling down from an engineering perspective. The acquisition by CloudBolt gives us more resources for development, more financial resources from our backing by Insight Venture Partners, and customers should expect improvements across the board.



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