SovLabs support has been advising customers to “pin” the values by selecting the field on the lower pane, setting the appropriate value in the right pane that appears, and clicking “Apply”.   (Screenshot: Figure 2).

This method apparently causes an issue where the pinned values “disappear” and control is lost in the form to set them manually. (Screenshot: Figure 1).


Screenshot: Figure 1


To invoke and use the SovLabs F5 module, the vRA Admin drags the SovLabs F5 component onto the vRA blueprint.  The vRA Admin can also pre-determine or “pin” specific field values so that their end-users have limited choices upon request time.


Screenshot: Figure 2

Affected Versions

  • vRealize Automation: 7.3.1, 7.4 and 7.5



SovLabs has opened a support ticket with VMware, who has been able to reproduce this issue.  The proposed workaround is to use a different process to “pin” or preset the values.

Please perform the following for each field on the SovLabs F5 component that needs to have a pre-determined value.

  1. Edit the vRA Blueprint that has a SovLabs F5 component.
  2. Click on the SovLabs F5 Component on the blueprint canvas.
  3. Click the appropriate tab (e.g. VIP, Pool or Member) that appears on the bottom half of the blueprint canvas
  4. Click on the field that needs a value set by the vRA admin.  A right-pane for the field will appear.  Perform the following in the right-pane:
    1. If a value is set on the right-pane, please de-select the field by selecting the <None> option from the drop-down.
    2. Click on Advanced Settings…
    3. For Read only, click on the drop-down and select Constant.  In the dropdown that appears, select Yes
    4. Click Apply
  5. For the field itself on the main pane (not on the right-pane), select the desired value.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for all applicable fields.
  7. Save the vRA Blueprint.

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