The promise of public cloud is the allure of decentralization and agility. But without proper methods to gain oversight and ensure optimization, chances are you may be succumbing to a variety of sins that are costing you time, money, efficiency, and governance.

Enterprises are wasting $14.1B in public cloud spend every year. Why is this happening? It all comes back to seven deadly sins that repeatedly cause waste and drain your funds.

The key to avoiding these sins is to know what they are and recognizing them in all their various forms. CloudBolt hopes that by enabling you to better understand common cloud transgressions, you’ll optimize your cloud utilization and effectiveness.

Wondering what these sins are and what you can do about them? Download the free Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs eBook from CloudBolt.

Find out how to stop getting soaked once and for all.

See the Light: Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Public Cloud Costs

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