The recent release of SovLabs Plug-in 2019.8.0 included updates for several SovLabs modules. Our Veeam module gained support for Veeam 9.5 Update 4, we added Recover Virtual Disk to our Cohesity module, and we enabled new tags and filters for our Template Engine.  We also added several updates to our ServiceNow bundle, which consists of our ServiceNow CMDB Module and the ServiceNow Connector.

The updates include adding support for the latest release of ServiceNow, the ability to select the vRA business group during the request, and improved error reporting. Note that customers currently using 2018.x or 2017.x versions will need a new license key before updating your SovLabs module.  You can request an updated key HERE.


ServiceNow CMDB Module and ServiceNow Connector updates


ServiceNow Updates 1

Both the ServiceNow CMDB module and the ServiceNow Connector now include support for the ServiceNow “Madrid” release. If you are not on Madrid release currently, ServiceNow has an upgrade planning checklist to help you through the upgrade process.  Make sure your SovLabs module is updated to at least 2019.8.0 before completing the ServiceNow upgrade.


ServiceNow Connector updates

Override vRA Business Group

You now have the ability to enable the vRA Business Group to be selected by the end-user in ServiceNow at request time. This feature is enabled by the administrator during the Import wizard.  If the Business Group Override option is not checked, the vRA Business Group selected during Import will be used.

ServiceNow Updates 2

Once the Override option is set, the admin can modify the catalog item to use the SovLabs Template Engine to dynamically select the business group, or in ServiceNow provide a list of possible Business Groups.

ServiceNow Updates 3

If you create a list, it will be presented at request time.

ServiceNow Updates 4

Improved Error Handling

We have also improved error handling: error logs in ServiceNow now show more useful error messages when the request is unable to be generated in vRA.

ServiceNow Updates 5

We have also made updates to the ServiceNow MidServer logs (sovlabs_application.log) to add information and improve readability.

ServiceNow Updates 6

Finally, we added updates to provide new messages in ServiceNow Application Logs to facilitate troubleshooting the ServiceNow Connector.

ServiceNow Updates 7

Improved Listing of Fields

We resolved an issue in which the ServiceNow Connector in vRO would fail to execute a vRA request for a nested blueprint with mismatched Deployment Limits.  The underlying issue was that imported blueprints with different deployment limits would result in a ServiceNow multi-tier catalog item with incorrect instance information for the parent or child.

With the update, the imported vRA blueprint must not have deployments set.

ServiceNow Updates 8

Once the blueprint is imported, you can set the number_of_instances, which corresponds to the number of vRA deployments.  You can also optionally set enable the _cluster checkbox, which will allow you to set the number of specific machine components.  

ServiceNow Updates 9

Here is a deployment seen from vRA with the ServiceNow number_of_instances set to 2

ServiceNow Updates  10

And the result of a deployment after setting  _cluster:

ServiceNow Updates 11

If you have any questions about the new updates, let your customer success team know, or drop us a line at

Happy Clouding!

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