From version 2017.4.1 and above, SovLabs introduced a new feature to skip an in-use IP address and get another one until a free one is found.  An in-use IP is an IP that responds to a ping, or returns a  DNS name on a reverse DNS lookup.

This feature is not enabled by default, as it does update the IPAM by reserving the “in-use” ip addresses, and not all customers may want to do this. You may want to keep the default behavior that the workflow will fail and roll back if a discrepancy like this is found.

If you decide not to enable this feature,

Optionally, if the SovLabs Notification module is licensed and configured with SovLabs IPAM type defined, a warning message will be sent via e-mail that the IP is in use. (see Additional Information for links to IPAM and Notifications)

The notification email should be sent to an operator who may want to take action to make sure there is consistency between IPAM and DNS.



  • Have licensed the SovLabs IPAM module of your choice
  • SovLabs Notifications module is licensed (optional)



Skipping in-use IP address is enabled if the following conditions are met

  1. With your blueprint open, click on Properties (1) → Custom properties (2) → Then click on New (3)
  2. In the Name field, type in SovLabs_IPAMSkipInUseIPs
  3. In the value field, type in true and click OK
  4. Save / Finish your blueprint.  You can now deploy your VM and monitor in vRO under SovLabs → IPAM → IPAM machineBuilding.  You will see a get next IP Address and tests for ping and check for reverse record.  If an IP does come up in use or reverse record comes up, it will skip the record as you have now provided this option.


Additional information

SovLabs Notifications :  https://docs.sovlabs.com/latest/vRA/7.6/modules/platform-extensions/notifications/
SovLabs Endpoint Integration (IPAM) : https://docs.sovlabs.com/latest/vRA/7.6/modules/#endpoint-integrations

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