We’ve just released SovLabs Plugin 2019.10.0. Here’s a quick summary, with all the details below, of what’s new in this latest release.


  • Update vRA Deployment Names using SovLabs Property Toolkit (and Custom Naming)
  • The latest ServiceNow Connector is available
  • SovLabs Plugin 2019.10.0 contains 2019.6.8 hotfix for F5 + Microsoft DNS (see below)
  • Use {{nsxSecurityTags}} to get all of the NSX Security Tags in VM Properties as a comma delimited string value


What’s New?

  • Update vRA Deployment Names with our SovLabs Property Toolkit module.
    • Optionally, use SovLabs Naming Standards to name vRA Deployments
    • Have a list of NSX Security Tag Names in VM Properties (use in SovLabs Notifications)Reference as {{ nsxSecurityTags }} to get all of the NSX Security Tags comma delimited


Resolved Issues

ServiceNow Connector 2019.10.0
  • Any errors that occurred in the vRA Request will be reflected on the ServiceNow Requested Item
  • Allowed for Discovery sensors to prevent running for ECC input
  • Fixed failure to add vRO Server in ServiceNow when no suitable vRA CAFE Hosts in vRO Inventory exists
  • Fixed ServiceNow Catalog Item failure for a vRA Blueprint with a vRA Network Profile attached.


SovLabs Template Engine
  • Fixed “required” filter to not force a lowercase on the value rendered
  • Enhanced Null Pointer Exception error message to “no tag available named: [tagname]” for undefined/invalid tags


F5 & Microsoft DNS (hotfix 2019.6.8)
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect Microsoft Endpoint being selected for Microsoft DNS (e.g. 1 MS Endpoint for IPAM and 1 MS Endpoint for DNS, the MS Endpoint for IPAM would get selected)


We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update.

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