We’ve just released SovLabs Plugin 2019.14.0. Here’s a quick summary, with all the details below, of what’s new in this latest release.


Now you can dynamically set and assign vRA Network Profile Names to VMs in a blueprint with our SovLabs Property Toolkit module for vRA 7.5 and vRA 7.6. Read our new blog post about this functionality here. In addition to that new feature, we resolved 5 known issues and added six new enhancements.

Resolved Issues

  • All IPAM (hotfix 2019.10.2)
  • Fixed failures in SovLabs IPAM modules in SovLabs Plug-in 2019.10.0 and 2019.12.0 when “NO-GATEWAY” was set in the SovLabs IPAM Profile
  • Infoblox IPAM/DNS:
    • Resolved race condition issue for Infoblox WAPI 2.0 and above.
    • Please verify Infoblox WAPI version on the SovLabs Infoblox Endpoint is set to “2.0”.


  • Enhanced all connection methods: SSH, VMware tools, WinRM and WinSSHD
  • Added the SovLabs vRA Usage Report vRO workflow
  • Snapshot Management (hotfixes 2019.8.2 and 2019.8.4)
    • Reduced in-memory object sizes for optimization for organizations with large VM count
    • Added helpful troubleshooting logs

Known Issues

  • CygwinSSH connection method for Microsoft AD, Microsoft DNS and Microsoft IPAM. Please open a ticket if using CygwinSSH with any of the SovLabs Microsoft modules.
  • Snapshot Management
    • In very large VM environments running SovLabs Snapshot Management with SovLabs Logging enabled, the vRO Java Heap may overflow.
    • SovLabs Engineering is aware of this issue and is working to resolve the problem in a future release.
    • As a workaround the Java Heap may need to be increased to accommodate this issue

Download Links:

  • 2019.14.0 SovLabs Plug-in
  • 2019.14.0 SovLabs Ansible Tower for CM Framework

We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update.

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