Yesterday, we released SovLabs Plugin 2019.16.0. Here’s a quick summary, with all the details below, of what’s new in this latest release.


Now you can Dynamically add additional vRA Disks to VMs in a blueprint with our SovLabs Property Toolkit module for vRA 7.5 and vRA 7.6. In addition to that new feature, we resolved 2 known issues and added 2 new enhancements.

Resolved Issues

  • Men and Mice DNS, resolved failure for HTTPS Men and Mice instances
  • Snapshot Management, resolved potential vRO Java Heap overflows in very large VM environments running SovLabs Snapshot Management with SovLabs Logging enabled


  • Men and Mice IPAM/DNS added supported versions for 8.2, 9.1, 9.2
  • Property Toolkit: Added an additional render for Dynamic Property Groups (SVL_) in the vRA machineRequested lifecycle phase

Known Issues

  • CygwinSSH connection method for Microsoft AD, Microsoft DNS and Microsoft IPAM starting from 2019.14.0. See details here. Please open a ticket if using CygwinSSH with any of the SovLabs Microsoft modules.


vRA and SovLabs software notes for this update

vRA 7.3 Notice — On 12/17/2019, VMware is ending general support for vRA 7.3/7.3.1.

If on vRA 7.3.0, please login to the vRA Appliance and verify Appliance Version is Build. If not on the Build, please upgrade to vRA 7.3.1.  If on the Build, the VMware vRA Hotfix has been applied that is required for SovLabs.

VMware fixed an issue with form field validations that affects all of SovLabs’ provided XaaS forms.  VMware also fixed a vRA 7.3.0 vRO CAFE bug related to VMware vRA plug-in for vRO.


vRA 7.4 Notice — The minimum SovLabs plug-in version compatible for VMware’s vRA 7.4 is 2018.1.4.


vRA 7.5 Notice — The minimum SovLabs plug-in version compatible for VMware’s vRA 7.5 is 2018.2.6.

vRA 7.6 Notice — The minimum SovLabs plug-in version compatible for VMware’s vRA 7.6 is 2019.8.0.


NOTE: VMware vRA 7.6 HF1 has been pulled due to issues related to multi-tab XaaS form requests.  Please use tab to select the submit button as a temporary workaround to circumvent the Chrome 75 issue.  Please refer to the following KB Article for Updates:


NOTE: Chrome users: Please use Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) for vRA 7.6


We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update.

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