Today, we have released the SovLabs Plugin version 2019.20.0 for vRA7.x to General Availability. Below is a bullet point summary of the software release.


Known Issues

CygwinSSH connection method for Microsoft AD, Microsoft DNS and Microsoft IPAM starting from 2019.14.0. See details here. Please open a ticket if using CygwinSSH with any of the SovLabs Microsoft modules.

Please open a ticket if you are using SovLabs Property Toolkit to generate vRA Properties for SovLabs modules AD, Ansible Tower, DRS, Satellite and/or Veeam using conditional logic and your vRA custom properties contain “tenantName_”.

  • Example vRA Custom Property with tenantName_.
    • If tenant name is “prod”, the vRA Custom property is “prod_osType”
  • Example SovLabs Property Toolkit to create a vRA Property for SovLabs AD module with conditional logic
    • Name: SovLabs_ADConfig
    • Value: {% if prod_osType == ‘windows’ %}myADConfigurationLabel1{% else %}myADConfigurationLabel2{% endif %}


What’s New?

  • OpenSSH support for Windows 2019 servers used as endpoints. Please select Connection Method: winsshd
  • Latest ServiceNow Connector Update Set version is 2019.20.0.  To upgrade, please contact your SovLabs Account Manager or open a ticket to have one of our Customer Success Team reach out to you.


Resolves Issues

  • Ansible Tower / Ansible Tower CM Framework: Resolved Dynamic inventory sync failures for Python version 3 by replacing tab characters with spaces
  • Ansible Tower CM Framework: Resolved ‘SovLabs Ansible Tower Remove Hosts’ failing unexpectedly
  • Property Toolkit with vRA Approval Policies – Virtual Machine (hotfix 2019.18.1): Resolved an issue to now retrieve properties from ServiceNow Connector and vRA Custom Forms
  • Puppet Enterprise/Puppet Open Source with Foreman (hotfix 2018.3.18): Resolved an failures occurring for provisions/disposals when using Property Toolkit to create SovLabs Puppet module properties and customer vRA custom properties have “tenantName_” to perform if/else logic (e.g. if tenant name is “prod”, the vRA Custom property is “prod_osType”)
  • ServiceNow Connector: Resolved an issue where Catalog Imports do not use the correct field types from vRealize Automation 7.6.
    • 2019.20.0 is the latest Update Set.
  • Backup as a Service for Veeam: Resolved an issue where VM removal from Jobs fails unexpectedly when there is a Backup Copy Job in the list of jobs


We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update. For specific questions, please login and open a support ticket.

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