Late last week, we released the SovLabs Plugin version 2019.22.0 for vRA7.x to General Availability. Below is a bullet point summary of the software release.


Known Issues:

CygwinSSH connection method for Microsoft AD, Microsoft DNS and Microsoft IPAM starting from 2019.14.0. See details here. Please open a ticket if using CygwinSSH with any of the SovLabs Microsoft modules.

Please open a ticket if you are using SovLabs Property Toolkit to generate vRA Properties for SovLabs modules AD, Ansible Tower, DRS, Satellite and/or Veeam using conditional logic and your vRA custom properties contain “tenantName_”.

  • Example vRA Custom Property with tenantName_.
    • If tenant name is “prod”, the vRA Custom property is “prod_osType”
  • Example SovLabs Property Toolkit to create a vRA Property for SovLabs AD module with conditional logic
    • Name: SovLabs_ADConfig
    • Value: {% if prod_osType == ‘windows’ %}myADConfigurationLabel1{% else %}myADConfigurationLabel2{% endif %}


ServiceNow Connector

  • NOTE: 2019.22.0 is the latest Update Set

What’s New for ServiceNow Connector?

  • Added Day2 “Change Lease” operation for VMs
    • Please run the SovLabs Installation Wizard to enable this new feature
  • Enhanced lease permission sets to enable a non-admin user to view SovLabs ServiceNow Connector items

Resolved Issues for ServiceNow Connector

  • Fixed issue to allow assigning of the VMware vRO Server on an imported Catalog Item


Resolved Issues

  • Ansible Tower: When Groups are not defined, will not enforce locking of Synchronizing Inventory to fix reported performance bottlenecks.


We strive to release monthly updates in addition to updating within 45 days of any major VMware vRealize Automation software update. For specific questions, please login and open a support ticket

Also, if you are evaluating vRealize Automation v8.0, please sign up to attend our LIVE webinar on December 10: Top vRA8 Deployment Considerations.

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