What is the SovLabs vRA Usage Report Workflow?

The vRA Usage Report is a simple workflow that checks how many Hosts, CPUs, Virtual Machines and EC2 Virtual Machines are being managed by your vRA instance. It produces a small plain text log file which SovLabs can consume, as well as providing some basic logging of its findings in the vRO appliance where it was run. This information is important to SovLabs in order for us to bill you accurately and correctly.

This document provides a step by step guide to installing the vRA Usage Report workflow as well as a simple guide on how to use it.


*Note: 2019.14.0 is a future GA estimated to release August 2019.


Installation Steps

SovLabs Plug-in version 2019.14.0 and newer
  1. The workflow is packaged in the SovLabs Plug-in.
  2. You can go to it by selecting the Workflow Tab and navigating to SovLabs > Reporting > vRA Usage Report


SovLabs Plug-in version older than 2019.14.0

It is assumed that the user has downloaded the workflow package and has access to the vRO server connected to their vRA instance along with the necessary permissions and rights to be able to perform a package installation.

  1. Login to your vRO Server which is connected to your vRA Instance.
  2. Change to the Design View
  3. Select the Packages tab
  4. Click Import package…
  5. Navigate to the package, select it and click Open
  6. Click the Import Once or Import and trust provider button.
  7. Check the box next to the workflow file element and click Import selected elements.
  8. Workflow is now installed. 
  9. You can go to it by selecting the Workflow Tab and navigating to SovLabs > Reporting > vRA Usage Report


Usage Steps

The following steps will show how to use the vRA Usage Report workflow.

  1. Start the workflow and enter the relevant information in the fields then click “Next”.  
  2. Select your vRA IaaS Endpoint and click “Next”.
  3. Choose whether you wish to see the output of the report (“License Report and Details”) or whether you wish to only produce the “License Report”. 
  4. Click “Submit” to start the workflow.
  5. There is a user interaction form which will allow you to choose a location to save the file.
  6. If you selected “License Report and Details” in the Logging form, then you will be able to see the output of the report in the vRO workflow log. It is possible to copy the log to clipboard by clicking on the highlighted button.
  7. The report will be in the folder where you chose to save the file.

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