Whether you have a love, hate, or tolerate relationship with vRealize Automation (vRA), change is upon us.


Webinar December 10, 2019: Top vRA8 Deployment Considerations


vRA8 shares a product name with vRA7, but that’s about as far as the commonality goes.

This change is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a thing. Customers wanting to continue their journey with vRealize Automation, beyond version 7.6, are seeking answers about how to minimize their risk in migrating to version 8 and beyond.  Others are unsure of the future versions, wanting to sustain and maximize their existing deployments and investments.


“Effectively gone and finished”

Just after vRA8 was officially made generally available, a very informative — if not sobering — FAQ style article was published on the VMware community forum. Click here to read that article. In the write up, the author, daphnissov, begins with a bold statement: 

vRealize Automation, as we have known it up to this point in time (up through vRA 7.6) is effectively gone and finished. It will not be developed further. There is an entirely new application–a ground-up rewrite–which is replacing it that VMware have also decided to call, for continuity purposes, vRealize Automation, but for all intents and purposes it is not vRealize Automation

The article continues with several more very clear statements of the change that is coming with vRA8, as well as some recommendations for how those enterprises currently using vRA7 can begin the migration experience towards vRA8.

SovLabs mission has always been to enhance vRA extensibility and simplify integrations for a better cloud automation experience.  Our mission remains the same with the introduction of 8.0. Over the course of the next (5) weeks, we will be providing valuable insights to help vRA customers with their lifecycle planning.


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