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We’re excited to announce an upcoming webinar in conjunction with Redhat Ansible on May 22, 2019, at 11:00AM EDT. The webinar will cover “Best Practices for Integrating vRealize Automation and Ansible Tower.”

VMware vRealize Automation is a popular cloud management platform with the ability to blueprint infrastructure components and provide self-service provisioning. Red Hat® Ansible® Tower helps you scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. In this deep-dive technical session, Sid Smith, Principal Architect at SovLabs, will walk through common use cases and best practices for integrating vRealize Automation with Ansible Tower.


Ansible & vRealize Automation Use Cases

Sid will present four common use cases that call for Ansible integration with vRealize Automation, as well as our recommended general best practices for integrating Ansible with vRealize Automation. The four use cases are as follows.

  • Brown field deployment – Inventory existing vRealize Automation workloads to ensure standardization and consistency of managed workloads.  Access deployment metadata in Ansible Tower to make decisions and apply business logic to brownfield and legacy workloads.
  • Dynamic Playbook Assignment – Drive Ansible Tower playbook assignments dynamically using metadata associated with vRealize Automation deployment.
  • Calling vRealize Automation from Ansible – Use simple Ansible playbooks to call vRealize Automation and initiate vRealize Automation driven deployment. vRealize Automation handles the details and enforces business policies for the requested deployment.  As part of the request lifecycle dynamically add workload to Ansible Tower Inventory and Dynamically assign relevant Ansible Tower Playbooks.
  • vRealize Automation blueprint job template assignment and request – SovLabs Ansible Tower plugin for vRealize Automation Configuration Management Framework allows you to assign Ansible Tower Job Templates in the vRealize Automation blueprint using drag and drop on the vRealize Automation canvas.  Included the ability to static define what Job Templates should be assigned or expose to consumer to select as part of the request.


We will allow plenty of time for LIVE Q&A and we will also publish follow up Q&A on our blog. We look forward to presenting this webinar with Ansible.

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