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Report: Where’s the value from cloud investments?

Stephanie Condon, ZDNet, June 15, 2021

“Across the board, business and technology leaders from a range of sectors agree that cloud computing tools are critical for a company’s growth, a new PwC survey shows. However, more than half said they’re not realizing substantial value from their cloud investments.

With the survey, PwC explores why a gap exists between the C-suite’s perceived value in the cloud and the realized value, as well as how to close that gap. It starts with aligning objectives — the survey shows that, based on their role, executives have different ideas about the goals they aim to achieve with cloud computing.”

Cloud Computing, IoT Driving Healthcare Digital Transformations

Samantha Grail, HITInfrastructure, June 15, 2021

“Ninety-three percent of organizations already have a healthcare digital transformation strategy or are in the process of creating one, according to BDO’s Healthcare Digital Transformation Survey. Additionally, 60 percent of healthcare organizations are adding new digital projects, while 42 percent of organizations are accelerating some or all of their existing digital transformation plans. 

For example, 78 percent of organizations are currently deploying cloud computing, while 20 percent are planning to deploy cloud computing, and 66 percent of organizations are currently deploying data analytics, while 30 percent are planning to deploy data analytics.”

81% of firms have accelerated their cloud computing plans due to COVID-19

Duncan McRae, CloudTech, June 14, 2021

“This was highlighted in a study by Devo Technology, a cloud-native logging and security analytics company, which assessed the current state and pace of change with regards to enterprise cloud transformation initiatives and the ramifications on teams running a Security.

As many as 81% of organisations voiced that COVID had accelerated their cloud timelines and plans. Across these companies, there was a 200% jump in organizations planning to move more than 75% of their apps/workloads to the cloud, with 86% of companies placing cloud options in their decision process for new applications, and more than 40% choosing the cloud as their first option.”

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