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Despite Cloud Adoption, Enterprises Demand On-Premises Software

Frank Ohlhort, DevOps.com, May 18, 2021

“A recent report from Dimensional Research reveals that the demand for on-premises software is equal to that of public cloud. The report, which was commissioned by Replicated, a company specializing in on-premises software modernization, queried 405 participants in software development, executive, product management, sales and services roles to determine the needs, usage and challenges of on-premises software.

The report revealed that some 90% of companies surveyed said their on-premises sales of software solutions continue to rise, while 70% that do not currently offer on-premises solutions intend to in the near future. 

‘In the past few years we’ve experienced a steady increase in interest from leading global companies who see that modern on-prem software delivery through containers and Kubernetes can make data protection and security much easier,’ said Grant Miller, co-founder and CEO of Replicated. ‘Coupled with growing customer demand, it’s a win-win scenario for any industry.’

While Miller’s view may be optimistic, the survey also revealed that the majority (65%) of companies cited privacy compliance as the top reason for using on-premises software delivery; an indication that the market is being influenced by cybersecurity issues more than any other factor. However, 54% also stated uptime and reliability were a primary driver for on-premises solutions, while 45% noted the importance of integration.

The report indicates that enterprises, which have cited digital transformation and a movement towards the cloud as critical factors over the last two years, may also be thinking more about on-premises solutions in light of cybersecurity and compliance concerns. This, in turn, means that DevOps has the potential to gain even more traction in the enterprise.”

IBM will buy Salesforce partner Waeg to boost hybrid cloud, AI strategy

VentureBeat, May 18, 2021

“IBM said on Tuesday it would buy Waeg, a consulting partner for Salesforce, in a deal that will extend its range of services and support its hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence strategy.

The deal to acquire Waeg, which is based in Brussels and serves clients across Europe, complements IBM’s acquisition in January of 7Summits, a U.S. consultancy that specialises in Salesforce’s customer management software.

‘Waeg’s strength in Salesforce consulting services will be key to creating intelligent workflows that allow our clients to keep pace with changing customer and employee needs and expectations,’ Mark Foster, senior vice president of IBM Services and Global Business Services, said.”

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