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Managing IT Operations in 2021 Went Beyond Just the Tools

Sean Michael Kerner, IT Pro Today, Dec. 21, 2021

“The concept of CloudOps also became increasingly important in 2021 as organizations turned to the cloud more during the pandemic. As cloud usage grew, many organizations realized that simply moving to the cloud wasn’t enough; they needed to be able to manage how resources are used and what they cost. The related concept of FinOps, which is all about cloud cost optimization and managing the financial costs associated with cloud, was a hotly debated topic during the year. At the center of the debate was venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, arguing that when not managed properly, cloud is often more expensive than managing on-premises resources.

In the world of DevOps, tools are a critical component, with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), code version control and software lifecycle management technologies. For DevOps to work effectively, the team needs to have a high degree of trust in the automated process that enables DevOps. Trust comes from not only having effective tools but confidence in the people who deploy and manage the automation tools.”

2 cloud computing predictions you won’t hear anywhere else

David Lithicum, InfoWorld, Dec. 17, 2021

“The rise of multicloud and other forces that drive the cloud complexity problem will continue in 2022. Governance will become the focus for enterprises that need to get their overcomplicated cloud platform under control. The spotlight won’t be on governance in general, it will be on high-priority issues that most enterprises will encounter or already have, namely cost governance as it relates to financial operations (finops). In most enterprises, cloud costs got out of control in 2021. The cloud provider isn’t raising prices, but the staff who use the cloud services are not being held accountable. Many available cost governance solutions can do a good job of watching the who, when, where, why, and how around the consumption of cloud services. These tools build great reports and dashboards. Unfortunately, they rarely deal with the core problem: the ability to dynamically react and respond to issues such as cloud services that run beyond their time of usefulness, or overconsumption of cloud services by humans and systems that don’t have limits in place or other accountability. 

My governance prediction for 2022: Enterprises will focus on their finops governance problems. The refocus on governance with purpose-built tools and customizations in place as a response will accelerate for enterprises with at least 20% of their workloads and data moved to the cloud. As enterprises toss capable tools at the issue, the key success factor will be to create an accountability culture around cloud cost governance at the same time. Cloudops has always been a focus of those who implement cloud-based systems, so what can be new in 2022? Expect to see a refocus on automation and abstraction, and how emerging tools can provide these capabilities.”

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