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How hybrid cloud deployment meets the need for business agility

Sujith Dinakar, CRN India, May 7, 2021

“There are various factors organisations should consider while determining if a hybrid cloud is the correct choice for them. A hybrid infrastructure allows businesses to easily and efficiently customise workload placement based on requirements and applications. This means that some workloads can remain on-premises and on a private cloud, while others can be operated on a public cloud. Hybrid cloud infrastructure offers the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while enabling a business to run tools for mission-critical applications in private. This allows businesses to add resources and make changes to suit higher demand more efficiently and quickly.”

How to use CIS benchmarks to improve public cloud security

Dave Shackleford, TechTarget, May 6, 2021

“Public cloud customers can experience both immediate and lasting benefits from implementing CIS benchmarks for cloud security. Short-term payoffs include an improved security posture and a reduced amount of vulnerabilities in common cloud asset categories, such as VMs and other workloads. Implementing the framework can also scale down the immediate attack surface tied to exposed and potentially misconfigured cloud control plane services.

Long-term benefits include an improved security posture overall within an organization’s cloud environment, as well as enhanced monitoring and reporting on configuration. This enables the development of more accurate metrics and reporting on vulnerabilities, thus driving improvements in both security and operational efficiency.”

3 advantages to having cloud tools available for on-prem data centers

Veronica Combs, TechRepublic, May 10, 2021

“Now that operating in the cloud is almost standard operating procedure for most companies, the new challenge is balancing the operational needs of public and private deployments. Having two sets of procedures for operating and securing each one doesn’t work for very long. The best approach is to consolidate tools as much as possible and develop an operating plan that covers on-prem and cloud needs. 

Running cloud apps on prem requires a different approach to storage for organizations accustomed to more traditional storage design. In many on-prem data centers, storage is designed for long-term use.”

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