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3 reasons cloud computing doesn’t save money

David Linthicum, InfoWorld, August 23, 2022

“I found this article interesting, especially the statement, ‘Over the past decade, cloud adoption has become the rule, not the exception. And yet, many companies that have embraced the cloud are feeling the acute burden of a spike in spending. In other words, cloud usage costs may be costing many businesses more than they are actually saving.’

“Other recent articles and studies say the same thing. The initial perception that cloud computing would lead to operational cost savings did not pan out for many Global 2000 companies. ” READ MORE

How Cloud Computing Can Help Develop a More Resilient Supply Chain

Kenny Mullican, Acceleration Economy Network/em>, August 22, 2022

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of a supply chain has become much more visible to the public. Suddenly, food and other necessities, such as toilet paper, disappeared from store shelves. At first, this seemed much like temporary shortages we had seen before, caused by winter storms, floods, and hurricanes. But once it became clear that some of these shortages weren’t going away quickly, and that the problems were worldwide, not just local, then the realization set in that there were much bigger issues at play.

“The problems caused by an inability to deliver enough computer chips, building supplies, and automobiles were felt by most consumers, bringing supply chains and their challenges to the forefront of the news and government.” READ MORE

Almost half of businesses struggle to control cloud costs

Duncan MacRae, CloudTech, August 18, 2022

“Nearly half of businesses (49%) find it difficult to get cloud costs under control, and 54% believe their primary source of cloud waste is a lack of visibility into cloud usage.

“This is according to a new report published today by business monitoring company Anodot. The findings highlight an ongoing visibility crisis in which organisations are struggling to gain appropriate insights into the breakdown of cloud costs and efficiency of cloud use and therefore cannot effectively reduce wasted spend – even as cloud migration continues to rise and cutting costs is a priority. The report is based on a survey of 131 US-based IT directors and executives.


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