Recent trends in the economy might make one think that IT budgets would be on a potential downswing after they were up 2% in 2021. Yet in a new survey, Gartner projects a hefty increase in IT budgets of 3.6% in 2022.

Any increase in budget should get those working in IT thinking about where to invest, and more and more it seems enterprises want to move towards proliferating cloud, flexibility, scale, collaboration, breaking down siloes, and availability of services.

The Gartner survey, summarized in this article from the Wall Street Journal, polled over 2,400 CIO and tech executives across industries and gleans not only that spending will increased but also how those execs plan to use those newfound funds. We’ll highlight some of the key findings below.

Cloud Platform, IT Integration Spending to Rise

Nearly half the respondents (48%) plan to spend more on cloud platforms over the next year. In the WSJ article, the reason cited for these platforms is to “allow businesses to easily scale and allocate computing resources.”

Additionally, some 37% of IT leaders plan to increase spending on integration technologies and APIs. This comes at a time when usage of multi-cloud and multi-tool strategies is becoming more prevalent among organizations.

We view these trends similarly, as has been highlighted throughout our CloudBolt Industry Insights series as being the reality of the New Cloud Order. When enterprises undergo their journey of digital transformation, we see it as an opportunity to look past the myopic and siloed ways of the past and instead look to the future.

It’s a reordering of strategic priorities that requires comprehensive solutions and improvement in three key areas: automation, optimization, and integration. It demands simplification of complexities using intelligent, agile, and interdependent approaches to vexing hybrid cloud problems.

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Organizations must provide simple and effortless self-service capabilities, optimize cloud costs intelligently, automatically informing, and remediating gaps in real-time, and make clear investment in automation tools to integrate systems in a scalable way free of custom code. With more money at their disposal, the time to make these moves is now.

IT Leaders Tackle How to Make Everything Easier

At the end of the day, the job of IT is to allow people to use technology to do their jobs without friction. This has become more complicated as more technologies are introduced into any given enterprise. Organizations would be wise to consider capabilities and solutions that focus on de-gumming up the works and let people do what they do best.

This bit of wisdom from Mayo Clinic CIO Criss Ross in the WSJ article summed up the issue many enterprises are trying to solve for nicely: “A customer doesn’t care how fast we rack a server. They care how fast can you deliver integrated service to us that has all the stuff we need.”

We couldn’t agree more. And here is what Home Depot Inc. CIO Matt Carey had to say:

“One thing that we’ve affirmed over the past several quarters is the importance of a technology foundation that enables speed, scale and flexibility…Whether that’s powered by cloud computing or continuous deployment solutions, it is important to have an agile and collaborative mindset to adapt quickly, so you can deliver for your customers and associates.”

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When going through your digital transformation journey, you need partners with the experience of helping large organizations reach their goals by unlocking the power of self-service, granular visibility, and integrations between seemingly disparate systems. The foundation mentioned by Carey that enables speed, scale, and flexibility is an outstanding place to start.

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