Redefine procurement with cloud spend visibility & optimization

Just 15% of an organization’s FinOps practices are mature and evolving to solve current and future cloud challenges*. This is happening while enterprises are losing $14.1B in cloud spend every year**. And, the biggest challenge in cloud is to get engineers to take action*. Do you feel your procurement practices failing rapidly as developers adopt a multi-cloud strategy?

Procurement is evolving. Don’t get left behind. Save up to 40% on Day One with CloudBolt.

Make FinOps work for your procurement team

CloudBolt’s cost management delivers cloud savings of up to 40% through continuous optimization to simplify cloud environments. Analytics and automation are driven on real-time data (data refreshes every 15 minutes, unlike every 24 hours in other tools). All this without scripting or pivot tables. Take actions directly from the platform without additional tools.

With CloudBolt you’ll ensure comprehensive security & regulatory compliance alerting through 300+ security checks built-in around CIS, PCI, NIST and AWS Well-Architected Frameworks. Find vulnerabilities and resource owners in minutes vs. days required in old tools. You’ll do this with intuitive visualization and more automation for immediate response.

With CloudBolt’s Cloud Cost Management Platform You’ll Get:

  • Comprehensive multi-cloud cost management from a single platform
  • Continuous cost optimization with accurate recommendations and automated actions
  • Unparalleled security visualization to find vulnerabilities and resource owners in minutes
  • Actionable compliance alerts
  • Gain real-time visibility in minutes with reports & dashboards
  • Take the next step and free yourself from the shackles of the wasted cloud budget. See CloudBolt cost management in action by visiting us today

    *State of FinOps 2021 report