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Control zombie VMs easily with CloudBolt Starter Edition

Complete day-two management for resource discovery, inventory, and management

CloudBolt helps you discover physical servers so you can manage and inventory them. We scan your environment for the unaccounted servers and ingest them for effective management. This can be an otherwise laborious manual process and would need inventory maintenance using tools such as Excel files.  

Once discovered, you can also do complete day two management on these resources. You can power them on/off, resize, reconfigure, or even delete them with a few clicks. This saves you precious time and enables your users to actively manage forgotten resources. Plus, using CloudBolt’s intuitive reporting you gain unparalleled granular visibility. This simple solution makes your IT environment more efficient and easier to manage. 

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Govern your environment for better control and avoid resource sprawl

CloudBolt Starter Edition provides you required levels of governance through proper guardrails and role-based access control to monitor resource usage.  

The first way you can ensure governance is through approval workflows. Thus, when your users want to deploy a VM, you or a manager can approve those requests.  

Second is through power scheduling and quotas. Power scheduling allows you to shut off resources when not in use (weeknights or weekends). You can also set quotas for the users and groups to curb resource abuse. 

The third way is by using expiration dates that let you reclaim resources after a set period of time. You can add alerts to notify users beforehand or allow your users to extend the period. 

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CloudBolt Power Schedule
Maintain IT compliance and manage incidents better

You have set some standards and might need to meet industry regulations. We get it. CloudBolt Starter Edition allows you to meet those standards and regulations with ease. You can set reports and dashboards that let you track the adherence to established standards such as validating license counts, etc. in real-time. 

Using this platform, you can proactively manage IT incidents. For that you can run periodic checks to see the performance and stay on top of incidents. You can also audit logs to understand the root cause before any failure happens. Moreover, using Starter Edition you can set auto-alerts for any deviations from standard ranges for your versions, storage performance, etc. 

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Supported Platforms: VMware and Nutanix