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CloudBolt accomplished more on Day One than VMware could in three weeks.

The CloudBolt OVA was deployed in under 30 minutes, including importing all virtual servers from previous deployments. Within three days we had our production instance of CloudBolt achieve feature parity with our previous cloud management solution of 1.5 years.

CloudBolt is the best CMP I have seen. Blows VMware and BMC products out of the water. CloudBolt is one of the very few products that they have seen that can upgrade in 10 minutes.


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Key CloudBolt Features & Differentiators from vRA

Rapid Deployment & Time-To-Value

CloudBolt deploys in minutes, not weeks. With no need for expensive external support, end-users & admins benefit from our single portal to provision VMs and workloads right away.

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CloudBolt - speed up resource delivery
Easy Upgrades

vRA upgrades can take weeks and may require professional services. With CloudBolt, upgrading to a new release is easy and most importantly upgrade-safe. Updated documentation helps customers get a great user-experience.

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A True Multi-Cloud Agnostic Experience

Instead of asking customers to buy into an entire single-vendor ecosystem, CloudBolt empowers customers to manage supporting infrastructure and applications across multiple clouds. We offer flexibility to adopt all public and private clouds and help support anything you need. No need to upgrade to expensive Enterprise platform versions like vRA to get true multi-cloud functionality.

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Kubernetes Integration - Container Orchestrators on Environments
Agentless Platform

CloudBolt doesn’t use agents to integrate with external systems, instead making calls directly into the API. This eliminates the need to maintain/upgrade multiple agent versions across multiple OSs. Customers can write their own integration using our simple Python-based platform. No need to wait for RFEs or for items to be added to the roadmap.

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Extensible & User-Friendly

CloudBolt is intuitive for admins and users. No need for months of PSO or end-user training. vRA requires those, with an interface geared to admins and not users. The user-friendly CloudBolt platform enables self-service IT, which frees up time for IT pros and allows DevOps teams to get the resources they need to drive digital business innovation faster.

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