CloudBolt Product Overview

CloudBolt provides a complete solution for brownfield discovery and monitoring.

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Manage new services with your legacy technologies

Simplify the discovery of brownfield resources and ingest them with confidence

CloudBolt helps you solve inventory uncertainty, provides a consistent user interface for managing assets, and alleviates the need for spreadsheets. 

Upon connecting to a public cloud or private virtualization infrastructure, CloudBolt synchronizes all discovered resources to its database. After a server has been imported and is under CloudBolt’s management, any modifications, whether made from within CloudBolt or outside of CloudBolt, will be tracked and reported. 

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CloudBolt Resource Handler Jobs
Quickly deploy brownfield resources with CloudBolt

You get the time-to-value of CloudBolt in a brownfield environment where infrastructure is already deployed and operating. You can connect to external systems such as CM tools (Puppet, Chef, Ansible), IP address management tools, configuration management databases (CMDBs), and much more through out-of-the-box integrations and as downloadable plugins from the CloudBolt Forge on GitHub. 

Upon installation, CloudBolt walks you through the setup process for first connection to a private virtualization system or public cloud. Once connected, you can synchronize existing resources and bring them under immediate management. Within minutes you can start self-service experience for your users.  

Simplify Operational Efficiency
CloudBolt Resource Handlers mgmt
Maintain security as you combine new with existing technologies

We understand that security varies from one environment to another depending on the type of data required for a workload. In some cases, IT architects have standardized on storing personal, sensitive data on-premises while other non-personal data can run anywhere in the cloud for computational purposes. Compliance regulations could require dedicated tenancy in the cloud and prohibit the share of any underlying resources. 

With CloudBolt, you can maintain all the sensitive information as is. If you want CloudBolt to take actions on your behalf, you can encrypt secrets with a user-designated password to avoid exposing those secrets 

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CloudBolt Server Details

Major University Reduces Shadow IT, Increases Automation With CloudBolt

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