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Gain visibility, stay agile, and govern better with CloudBolt

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Role-based access control for peace of mind

Provide flexibility to your users with proper guardrails in place

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. Studies show that 33% of security attacks will be on shadow IT resources by 2020. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.

With CloudBolt’s role-based access control, you’ll assign each user a role and provide access privileges, assign your users to groups and provide broader privilegesYou can further achieve resource-based quotas for CPUs, Memory, Disk, Cost, and Server count to groups or users, thus, simplifying capacity planning and resource allocation related decisions.   

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Streamline user management and authentication with CloudBolt

We understand that you have pre-existing authentication and user management systems. As an extensible platform, CloudBolt helps you integrate with those systems in just a few clicks. For example, some enterprises may rely on LDAP and Active Directory based solutions.  

Other organizations prefer to use single sign-on (SSO) and SAML2 to control which users in their organization can access which applications, all from one place. With CloudBolt you can integrate tools such as Okta within minutes for SSO solutions.  

CloudBolt also makes it easy to support two-factor authentication with RADIUS providers such as RSA SecurID tokens. Thus, you can further secure your environment to keep hackers and attackers out. With CloudBolt, do all this with a few clicks using simple yet powerful OOTB integrations.  

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Track all usage and cost with CloudBolt reporting engine

CloudBolt aggregates spending data for users, environments, and groupsA rich reporting system allows you visibility into resource activity.   

All the information stored within the CloudBolt database can be presented to you via the CloudBolt reporting engine. Your group cost reports that track spend based on time on/off and environment usage are included within our product as well as you can create ad-hoc reports. You can generate reports across on-premises and public cloud resources to understand usage trend and reserve/order capacity as needed.  

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