About CloudBolt

Empowering IT with control and agility, and developers with self-service in the era of cloud.


At CloudBolt, we come to work every day, because we know that IT leaders are being told they need to manage multi cloud environments, and we can make it happen.

In 2011, we saw a need. Demands on IT leaders in large organizations were increasing. They were being told to go to the cloud, but no one was providing a roadmap or cloud management tools to manage it.

Legacy, private and public cloud made governance complex; from tracking who has what, when and where, managing costs, and more. Lack of a clear path and poor communication put IT teams and their internal customers at odds. Productivity, agility, security, morale and more, were all impacted.

Enter CloudBolt.

We built a cloud management platform to manage and optimize hybrid cloud. IT teams become heroes empowering their users with self-service IT, and a new era of collaboration and cooperation exists.

Our team’s goal is to delight our customers by continuing to build the best, most intuitive tools possible. We often have our customers demo our product back to us, and every time we are invigorated, as we see the creative ways they are making complicated problems simple for their users with CloudBolt.

One View. Many Clouds.


Hybrid Cloud Delivered

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