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Cloud Management & Automation Platform

Govern your hybrid cloud while empowering developers with unparalleled self-service IT with CloudBolt CMP. By quickly turning your enterprise into a cloud services broker, CloudBolt lets you unleash a responsive, agile alternative to runaway IT that gives application teams what they want, whenever they want.

Codeless Integrations

Replace complex custom coding with configurable, governed IT services that easily extend to other tools and platforms with the OneFuse Integration Platform. Make integrations policy-based and templatable with OneFuse, so you can create once and use anywhere.

Cloud Cost & Security Optimization

For your multi-cloud environments, Kumolus delivers cloud savings of 30-40% through continuous optimization needed to simplify your cloud environment. With Kumolus you’ll ensure comprehensive security & regulatory compliance alerting through 300+ security checks built-in around CIS, PCI, NIST and AWS Well-Architected Frameworks.

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