4 Critical Steps for Evolving Your FinOps Program

How cloud cost optimization opportunities can be used for achieving scale and growth
Webinar | February 7, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST/16:00 GMT

FinOps has become vital to cloud transformation initiatives. Enterprises striving for agility and innovation in the cloud while simultaneously maintaining accountability, planning, and budgeting goals turn to FinOps to enhance the quality of cloud consumption and drive better business performance.

Join William Norton, Head of MSP/CSP Practice for CloudBolt, and Peter Easler, Sales Engineer for CloudBolt, for a roundtable conversation on how enterprises should be thinking about their FinOps program. Also, how cloud cost optimization opportunities can be used for achieving scale and growth.

We will discuss the four (4) considerations executives need to be aware of for evolving their FinOps programs successfully, including a brief demo of how CloudBolt automates advanced FinOps processes, such as:

  1. Using Deployment Guardrails & RBAC
  2. Resource Owner Budgets & Notifications
  3. Cost Optimization Analysis
  4. Automated Remediation of Underutilized or Overprovisioned Resources


William Norton – Head of MSP/CSP Practice, CloudBolt Software

William’s experience is in the MSP/CSP space, including most recently at Cognizant as Capability Leader for several key FinOps offerings and seven years at Microsoft. With his knowledge, William is no stranger to the service provider business and will share his expertise on the benefits of platforms to organizations and their cloud engagements.

Peter Easler – Sales Engineer, CloudBolt Software

Peter is a sales engineer focused on enabling cost and security optimization strategies in both the public & hybrid cloud spaces, sharing insight from his studies on business analytics & finance at The University of Iowa.