Maturing Your FinOps Program

Webinar | January 17, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST/16:00 GMT

FinOps is becoming a vital trend in enterprise cloud transformation initiatives, focused on better planning, budgeting, and forecasting cloud expenditure requirements and making users more accountable. Join us for a conversation on how Identifying cloud cost optimization opportunities are now a requirement for achieving scale, agility, innovation, and growth.

This roundtable will discuss considerations and key focus areas for FinOps organizations seeking to mature. The briefing will also include a live demonstration of how CloudBolt automates advanced FinOps processes, including:

  • Deployment guardrails
  • Resource owner cost notifications
  • Cost optimization


Jeff Kukowski – CEO, CloudBolt Software

Jeff Kukowski is passionate about helping customers and prospects unify and expand their cloud strategies. With a highly consultative approach informed by market data and experience, Jeff provides insights on the newest opportunities to better automate, optimize, and govern in a multi-cloud, multi-tool world.


William Norton – Head of MSP/CSP Practice, CloudBolt Software

William Norton has a strong background in the MSP/CSP space. Most recently, he was a Capability Leader for several key Cloud offerings at Cognizant Technology Solutions – including their flagship FinOps offering. Before Cognizant, Will worked for Microsoft for a little over seven years. He is no stranger to the service provider business and the benefits platforms such as CloudBolt can provide.

Peter Easler – Sales Engineer, CloudBolt Software

Peter Easler is a sales engineer at CloudBolt focused on enabling cost and security optimization strategies for customers in both the public & hybrid cloud spaces. He studied business analytics & finance at The University of Iowa, and
founded Students Care, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit providing college students with disabilities access to student-provided home care along with several other