The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

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Webinar | 45 Minutes
June 17th, 2021 at 11 AM EST

Hear from the experts about hybrid cloud management’s shaky pillars. 

IT leaders unanimously (94%) believe that a hybrid cloud approach is critical for digital transformation, but recognize self-service IT, automation and optimization challenges often stand in the way.¹

During this 45-minute discussion, discover insights on the state of:

  • Digital transformation and Self-Service IT: Easier said than done
  • Automation: Integration woes
  • Optimization: Opaque visibility and limited insight
  • What IT Leaders Need to Succeed
  • The Path to Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Q&A and more…

Join us on June 17, 2021 at 11AM EST to discover how your IT peers are navigating the path to digital transformation and learn the latest best practices in hybrid cloud management. Register today!

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78% of IT leaders say they have limited insight into who is provisioning what, where to optimize costs or how to remediate security issues. ¹



76% of IT Leaders are still custom-coding at least a quarter of their integrations.¹



Matt Grant

Matt is an experienced writer focused on B2B technology. He has written about everything from offshore software development and cloud management/cloud security to user experience design, data center cooling technology, and quantum computing. Matt has hosted Aberdeen Group’s “The Intelligent Business Show” and Novell’s “Cloud Chasers” podcast.



Grant Ho – Chief Marketing Officer, CloudBolt Software

Specializing in cloud computing and B2B technologies, Grant brings over 15 years of experience championing market adoption for high-growth software companies. Most recently, Grant served as Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at NetBrain Technologies, the leader in network automation solutions. Grant graduated with his S.B., M.Eng, and MBA degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


¹ CloudBolt Quarterly Industry Report: The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation