Single hybrid cloud view, powerful orchestration blueprints, and intuitive self-service catalog, all in one platform.

Features Of CloudBolt Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

Kubernetes Management

Break the technology barrier by adopting containers and Kubernetes without any hesitation. CloudBolt enables you to focus on strategic initiatives by saving time, effort and management overhead required for Kubernetes. Deploy and manage all your Kubernetes clusters and container-based applications through simple yet powerful blueprints from CloudBolt.

Self-Service IT & User Empowerment

By exposing CloudBolt’s intuitive interface to multiple departments or teams, users are empowered to order what they need when they need it without having to open a ticket for IT and wait for that group to fulfill the request.

Multi-Cloud & Hypervisor Management

CloudBolt supports a variety of cloud technologies, from on-premises virtualization and private cloud to a wide range of public and hybrid cloud configurations.

Brownfield Deployment & Discovery

No need to rip-and-replace. CloudBolt provides easy import, syncing, and management of legacy deployments even as it helps you build out new cloud environments.

Service Lifecycle Management & Orchestration

Provision systems, applications, and environments in minutes instead of weeks with end-to-end automation.

Role-Based Access Control & Governance

Define and enforce access by user role across systems, applications, and environments. By centralizing cloud management, CloudBolt maintains a detailed access history of both on-premises and cloud-based systems for audit and security purposes.

Centralized Management & Reporting

In addition to an intuitive, customizable end-user experience CloudBolt delivers extensive management capabilities to administrators. They can perform a wide variety of actions from the server screen including out-of-band console and SSH access along with remote script and other action execution.

Cost Transparency & Service Health

Quickly identify expensive systems or usage outliers by owner and environment. The CloudBolt reporting interface enables reporting for chargeback/shameback, and its workflow capabilities make intelligence actionable. Trying to use an environment that is unavailable is frustrating. CloudBolt’s Continuous Infrastructure Testing (CIT) executes end-to-end functional tests by re-running past orders to make sure they complete as expected. Administrators can be notified of failures before users are impacted.

Extensibility to Future & Legacy Technology

Plug CloudBolt into anything. Use your existing automation workflows and scripts or CloudBolt’s orchestration hooks to interoperate with even the most complicated business and IT environments.

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