CloudBolt Features

Centralized Management and Reporting

One Dashboard For Your IT Organization

A Single Platform for Every Environment

  • Defeat the stress of managing and monitoring multiple complex environments
  • Control the chaos. Gain full visibility into your systems and their users
  • Visualize consumption patterns to enable improved decision making and budgeting for future needs
  • Pinpoint underutilized resources that may be costing your IT department
  • Fulfill compliance via a built-in, automated feature rather than a manual process

How CloudBolt Makes it Happen

IT users are demanding the flexibility and freedom to leverage multiple clouds and tools for different projects—having the power to alternate between clouds and vendor-specific features can be useful. But on the IT management side of the fence, trying to keep track of multiple systems and user interfaces, and their resource usage, can make you feel like your head is going to explode.

Good news! It’s possible to use a single interface that communicates easily with disparate technologies and provides a centralized view of activities across all environments. CloudBolt brings you true chargeback, showback, and overall cost visibility. From cloud management to reporting, CloudBolt has you covered.


CloudBolt has the ability to combine multiple systems and interfaces into a single user-facing Web application that allows users to easily manage and track cloud resources and costs. Once installed, it gives administrators the capability to manage resources in one place and visualize past, present and future consumption patterns.

CloudBolt provides insights into which specific cloud services are being used, who is using them, and how much usage costs. Detailed consumption insights enable improved decision making and more accurate budgeting and forecasting. CloudBolt also features the ability to identify underutilized resources that may be costing your IT organization real money.


Make CloudBolt your own by customizing its look and feel to match your own. Colors and logos can be customized to provide a seamless transition between existing IT applications and CloudBolt.

A key to the success of any enterprise cloud project is to drive user adoption. With the lingering threat of shadow IT, it’s critical to provide a user experience that end-users will embrace now and well into the future.

Significantly decrease the costs associated with end-user training on multiple public and private clouds. CloudBolt provides a single, consistent user interface that abstracts away the difference between backend cloud providers and virtualization systems.

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