New Product User Interfaces

As CloudBolt unifies former capabilities under a single framework (4/28 press release), we have made User Interface enhancements that may impact screens you’ve become familiar with

Recent research shows IT leaders are hitting a wall, 8 out of 10 in fact, using existing tools to manage hybrid cloud environments. 9 out of 10 surveyed want an overarching solution to unify their multi-cloud, multi-tool environments, leveraging existing investments and filling gaps in current capabilities.

CloudBolt has been making big technology and people investments for years to accelerate our vision of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure flexibility and comprehensiveness. The CloudBolt Framework is the next evolution of our ability to help you.

Click below to quick-link to a particular screen or scroll to view former screens next to their replacement:



Old Login Screen

Logout Screen

Logout Inactive Screen

Forgot Password Screen

Recover Password Screen

Security Challenges Screen

Branded Portal Sample #1 Screen

Branded Portal Sample #2 Screen

Branded Portal Sample #3 Screen

Multiple Solutions Require multiple solutions to manage hybrid cloud

Custom Integrations Custom integrate your way to automation

IT infrastructure requests fulfilled in weeks

Manual Cost Updates
Manually aggregate cost data in spreadsheets

Islands of Automation
Varying tools erode

Decentralized Security
Compliance and security
haphazardly applied

Lack of visibility
Lack visibility into resource comsumption (no FinOps)

Difficult self-service
Self-service requires expertise

Human improvements
People suggest improvements

Centralized Framework
Plug into the neural network

Share innovations Build once & reuse/ leverage everywhere

Self-service for everyone
in minutes

Unify disparate tools
Allows choice among departments

Automated real-time tracking
Real-time usage tracking; auto-updated

Centralized security
Consistent and standardized governance

Comprehensive visibility
Views for individuals, departments, regions, corporations, etc.

Easy self-service
Expertise is built into the workload

Machine Learning Improvements
Computers analyze trends for improvements

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