For many organizations, ServiceNow is the Service Management portal of choice. With the ServiceNow Connector by OneFuse, it’s now possible to generate catalog items in ServiceNow for any OneFuse-hosted policy-based service. ServiceNow administrators can customize the catalog and request process directly from the ServiceNow platform, without any need for custom coding or intimate knowledge of third-party integrations. End-users can request and manage OneFuse Catalog Items and inventory directly within ServiceNow.

OneFuse ServiceNow Connector Catalog Item Policy 1 of 2

OneFuse ServiceNow Connector Catalog Item Policy 2 of 2

OneFuse ServiceNow Connector Deployments

OneFuse ServiceNow Deployments


Generate ServiceNow Catalog Items

Generate ServiceNow Catalog Item(s) that calls OneFuse Policies

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Dynamically Map Fields

Graphically map fields between ServiceNow and OneFuse Policies

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Create Deployments in vRA or other tools from ServiceNow

Supports provision and deprovision lifecycles

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Features & Capabilities

  • Generate ServiceNow Catalog Item(s) from OneFuse ServiceNow Catalog Item Policies
  • Graphically map fields between ServiceNow and OneFuse
  • Request Policies, including but not limited to Ansible Tower, VMware vRealize Automation, F5 BIG-IP, IPAM, DNS, Naming and more
  • OneFuse Template Engine support for metadata injection and custom logic, along with access to specific ServiceNow data for the request, including but not limited to ServiceNow Request Number, Configuration Item ID, Order form Inputs, and more
  • Platform-native control for ServiceNow
    • Managed and customized directly within ServiceNow
    • Can be customized using ServiceNow constructs (catalog, workflow, etc.)
    • Reduce administrative overhead for catalog management – No custom coding required