Avoid performance problems, minimize risk, and reduce the use of expensive custom code.

While businesses expect improved flexibility and control with vRealize Automation 8 (vRA 8), many don’t anticipate the significant level of effort required to upgrade.

Built on a completely new code base, moving to vRA 8 allows organizations to modernize their infrastructure automation and deliver at the speed of DevOps. However, like other IT infrastructure, existing vRA environments have become highly customized over time and many of these customizations do not easily ‘lift and shift’ to vRA 8.

SovLabs makes future proofing your vRA investment simple. Whether you’re looking to move to vRA 8, or just want to find ways to reduce complexity, SovLabs vRealize Automation Optimization and Upgrade Assessment can provide insight into environmental areas that present an opportunity for optimization.

The assessment will look at key data points and interdependencies to help:

  • Identify your current environmental conditions, including the number of blueprints, reservations, and software components – all representing potential areas of optimization.
  • Admins understand the level of effort to maintain and add new services to existing environments.
  • Highlight migration considerations for vRA 7.x to vRA 8.x upgrade.


What’s included:

Count lines and characters of custom code that are specifically invoked from vRA via XaaS workflows, day 2 actions, EBS, and custom form actions  
Identify areas of blueprint sprawl that can be reduced  
Deliver key insights into reservation architecture and resource allocations  
Identify areas where software components and script execution can be streamlined  
Simplify network architecture in vRA, eliminate reliance on network profiles  
Analyze vRA 7 design principles for migration optimization  
Consolidated reporting across multiple tenants  
Provide executive level report detailing all findings and recommendations for vRA optimization  

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