As a leader in your business, cloud solutions must meet key criteria:

  • Governance and compliance to avoid costly security mistakes
  • Cost transparency and efficiency
  • Agility to meet the demands of digital transformation
Almost $9B is Wasted Yearly in Idle Cloud Resources
CloudBolt Quarterly Industry Report

The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation

Discover how your IT peers are navigating the path to digital transformation.

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Features & Benefits

CloudBolt Meets the Needs of Your Enterprise
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Control Cloud/VM Sprawl Across Your Business

By moving to the cloud, your enterprise can take advantage of the scale and agility afforded by providers such as AWS, Azure or GCP. But without the right guardrails in place, you could face unneeded challenges around exponential cloud spend, resource visibility, and governance.

With CloudBolt, your organization can keep clear tabs on all hybrid cloud usage and inventory so you can stay ahead of the game and avoid cloud/VM sprawl. Expiration dates can be set for various resources, along with clear transparency on cost and usage.


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CloudBolt Policy Rules
Flexibility for Users, Compliance for Business

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. 33% of security attacks will be on shadow IT resources by 2020. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.

CloudBolt’s role-based access control is a powerful solution for your hybrid cloud environment. Your IT assigns a role for each user or group and provides role-based privileges.

IT can further assign resource-based quotas for CPUs, Memory, Disk, Cost, and Server count to groups or users. Thus, simplifying capacity planning and resource allocation related decisions.

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OneFuse Interface
Powerful Extensions to Meet Business Needs

Staying one step ahead of the competition through digital transformation and agility has never been more critical. If your developers are stuck with difficult-to-manage, outdated technology, your business goals and the reality of your capabilities will never be aligned.

With CloudBolt OneFuse, your organization can extend the value of your DevOps tools by using policies instead of painful custom coding.

Leveraging OneFuse, you can replace expensive custom developed integrations with easy-to-configure, governed services that can be used across platforms, clouds, and teams. With OneFuse, teams can quickly and easily provision standardized, IT compliant resources from their tools of choice.

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CloudBolt Industry Insights:

The Truth About Hybrid Cloud

Discover how your IT peers are navigating the path to digital transformation.

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The Home Depot Case Study
Case Study

The Home Depot

The Home Depot relies on CloudBolt to increase hybrid cloud efficiency, track and manage resources and enable self-service IT.

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