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CloudBolt Solution Overview: Hybrid Cloud Delivered

Discover the nine key features that produce the transparency, control, and visibility of effective cloud management

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Manage provisioned resources like a pro through an intuitive interface

Once your IT resources are provisioned, effectively managing them is critical. Improper day-two management can lead to challenges such vulnerabilities, poor governance and compliance issues. This lack of oversight and management can lead to security breaches which cost $3.9M on an average1.

Simplify the discovery of brownfield resources and ingest them with confidence

CloudBolt helps you solve inventory uncertainty, provides a consistent user interface for managing assets, and alleviates the woe that is spreadsheets.

Upon connecting to a public cloud or private virtualization infrastructure, CloudBolt synchronizes all discovered resources to its database. After a server is imported and brought under CloudBolt’s management, any modifications, whether made from within CloudBolt or outside of CloudBolt, will be tracked and reported.

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CloudBolt Resource Handler Jobs
Deploy and manage complete service lifecycle with CloudBolt blueprints

Once you discover and inventory your resources, you can define management and teardown actions within your blueprints to manage the complete service lifecycle.

As your environment scales, this capability helps you avoid errors, misconfigurations, and unwanted risk from unmanaged resources. With CloudBolt’s simple UI you can easily manage resources and take actions from a single UI. You can do day-two management activities such as server modifications, pausing or snapshots are achieved with just a few clicks, reducing the time needed to maintain your IT environments.

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CloudBolt Server Details
Stay compliant with powerful CloudBolt policies

As you move towards a more automated and streamlined IT experience, non-compliance can creep up on you before you know it. Define guardrails for your users by setting policies and rules proactively. CloudBolt solutions are policy-based which allows you to provide the services and integrations your users need across any cloud. CloudBolt policies are flexible, allowing you to enforce requirements or simply be alerted when something falls outside of policy conditions.

Policies provide a powerful weapon for your governance arsenal, ensuring compliance as your users add more services. Sleep easier knowing CloudBolt is ensuring compliance over self-service and day-two operations.

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CloudBolt Policy Rules
Day Two Management Case Study
Case Study

Jamf Powers its Developers with Scalable Resources Made Easy Using CloudBolt

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