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Neustar saves $3M annually in AWS bill using CloudBolt

While using an internally-developed provisioning platform to build resources in a new datacenter, Neustar's IT relied on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet service delivery demands of their customers. The result was hefty AWS bills and an expensive datacenter being underutilized. Learn how CloudBolt helped them reduced their annual AWS bill by $3 million.

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Complete view of your infrastructure and integrations

As enterprises take on digital transformation, multi-cloud adoption and growing IT complexity continue to leave IT with dangerous operational blind spots. Nearly 50% of enterprises feel they’re at increased risk as blind spots emerge from shift IT perimeters1. CloudBolt offers unparalleled insights, management, and governance capabilities so that you’re never flying blind when it comes to hybrid cloud.

Bring transparency to cloud costs

Gaining a clear picture of your cloud spend becomes more difficult as IT complexity and hybrid environments become the new norm. CloudBolt takes the mystery out of cloud costs by providing the information and metrics decision makers need with granular reports and dashboards. Our solutions offer deep insights into cost allocation, spend optimization, invoicing, and chargebacks that allow you to act before costs and usage get out of control.

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Remove visibility gaps left by custom code

Unmanaged integrations can threaten compliance and security, waste IT resources, and add complexity to IT environments. With CloudBolt, you can achieve end to end infrastructure automation without the need to create custom coded integrations between systems. CloudBolt solutions remove the black hold of code, improving MTTR while proving you with full visibility and auditing capabilities across clous and systems.

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Governance, security, and compliance for modern IT landscapes

Governance is infused into all of CloudBolt’s hybrid cloud technologies. Role-based access control (RBAC) and policy-driven services keep you in control of costs, resources, automations, and integrations avoiding blindspots in provisioning and management of cloud infrastructure. Track, audit and roll-back any changes across clouds and IaC tools. Monitor and govern your hybrid and multi cloud environment with complete information at your fingertips.

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CloudBolt Solutions Overview

CloudBolt Solution Overview: Hybrid Cloud Delivered

Learn the nine key features that produce the transparency, control, and visibility of effective cloud management

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