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VMware vRealize Automation

Discover how 200+ vRA Customers are using vRA and handling the upcoming migration to vRA 8.

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Productivity Across DevOps, IT Ops, and NetOps

69% of IT teams report having too many tools contributes to growing IT complexity and creates unseen risk for hybrid cloud environments. IT teams spend more than half of their time coding integrations, troubleshooting, and updating tools used to provision and manage IT resources. With CloudBolt, you can eliminate the maintenance overhead and use those resources on innovation to drive your business forward.

IT silos are a fact of life – embrace them.

As automation tools continue to sprawl, many organizations suffer with lengthy hand-offs between teams with disconnected automation solutions. Hard coding integrations between tools and cloud management platforms lead to technical debt and difficulty troubleshooting when things go wrong. CloudBolt’s OneFuse platform offers a way to codelessly integrate your tools (such as Terraform, BlueCat, and many more) so IT can deliver resources faster. Teams can collaborate using OneFuse’s role-based access control (RBAC) workspaces, removing the risk of overprivileged access and reducing the delays when subject matter experts are required for workload provisioning.

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Reduce complexity, enforce policy

Most IT tools are intended to transform routine and mundane tasks into repeatable and standardized automations. In reality, these tools often lead to unmanageable complexity which often results in costly snowflake environments and expensive unmanaged resources. Using software-defined, policy-backed integrations from OneFuse, you can ensure consistency when provisioning and managing workloads and maximize the benefits of end to end automation.

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Remove risk and gain visibility over integrations

When automation tools rely on scripts and custom code for integration, it can lead to a nightmare scenario when things go wrong. Identifying integration errors usually means logging multiple support team tickets and manually reviewing log files. With OneFuse, it is easy to see the people, tools and job outcomes of provisioning actions to quickly isolate problems and reduce MTTR.

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CloudBolt Features and Competitive Comparison

Overview of CloudBolt Features and comparison between VMware vRealize, Red Hat CloudForms, and Cisco CloudCenter.

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