The OneFuse F5 Module for vRealize Automation sets a new standard in application delivery controller integration technology. F5 BIG-IP is now a first-class citizen in vRealize Automation with optional custom naming policies for F5 BIG-IP VIPs/Pools, IPAM integrations for F5 BIG-IP VIP assignment and DNS registration available out of the box.

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F5 Big-IP Module for vRealize Automation

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F5 in the Blueprint

Native F5 BIG-IP integration can be used directly within the vRealize Automation Blueprint Canvas.

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Dynamic VIP Assignment

Dynamically create new or use existing F5 BIG-IP virtual servers with blueprint deployments and add linked machine components as nodes.

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Supports vRealize Automation Auto Scaling of deployments, dynamically add or remove nodes from the load balancer.

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Features and Capabilities


  • Request to create a F5 BIG-IP VIP independently or as part of a vRealize Automation Composite Blueprint
  • Capability to integrate naming standard/sequence definitions for F5 BIG-IP VIPs and Pools at request time
  • Ability to pin/override/hide request form parameters per vRealize Automation Composite Blueprint, which can also be saved/exported
  • Request to create a F5 BIG-IP VIP independently or as part of a vRealize Automation Composite Blueprint
  • Associate machine components by linking to the F5 BIG-IP Virtual component in the vRealize Automation Blueprint Canvas
  • Supports multiple DNS domains for optional DNS registration at request time

OneFuse RESTipes®

Control lifecycle and configuration parameters with full REST-based API support for F5 BIG-IP endpoints formatted in YAML or JSON. Providing the following capabilities:

  • Create F5 BIG-IP VIPs/Pools/Nodes and assign Nodes to Pools
  • Delete F5 BIG-IP VIPs/Pools/Nodes and unassign Nodes from Pools
  • Use vRealize Automation properties defined on the F5 BIG-IP Virtual form component in the vRealize Automation Blueprint
  • Use any dependent machine component(s) properties within the vRealize Automation Composite Blueprint

Time-to-Value Capabilities

  • A three-tab design for better request visualization: VIP, Pool and Member
  • Simple quick start install and upgrade process:
    • Define F5 endpoint(s), drag, drop and modify the F5 Virtual component
    • Link it to dependent machine components in the vRealize Automation Blueprint
    • Provision

Advanced Features

  • Integrate IPAM and/or DNS for F5 BIG-IP VIP assignment and DNS registration with Infoblox, BlueCat, Microsoft, SolarWinds, Men and Mice, BT Diamond IP at request time
  • OneFuse Template Engine allows for static text in combination with vRealize Automation custom properties and/or custom logic
  • Multiple vRealize Automation/vRealize Orchestrator instances and multi-tenant support


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