With the SovLabs Lifecycle Components Toolkit (LCT) for vRealize Automation, administrators create provisioning “profiles” consisting of both script components and SovLabs modules which can each be aligned to specific lifecycles. Additionally, the profiles can be applied to blueprint machine components.

The term “Lifecycle” refers to the build phases that execute in the course of provisioning a machine (VM). Until now, there has been a prescribed order of execution for the various SovLabs modules. Additionally, interlacing custom script content required creating custom vRealize Orchestrator workflows and invoking them through custom Event Broker Subscriptions (EBS). As environments begin to scale, management of vRealize Automation content, configurations, blueprints and vRealize Orchestrator workflows begin to proliferate.

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Using Lifecycle Toolkit to Run Multiple Scripts Dynamically

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Enhance Lifecycle Management

Easily manage SovLabs configurations and custom scripts in a single lifecycle profile.

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EBS Made Easy

Automatically create and manage EBS subscriptions and workflow via SovLabs EBS Manager.

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Scripts. Simplified.

Define script components to execute templated, dynamic script content with or without SovLabs modules.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Administrators have the capability to
    • Define the order of events in the provisioning lifecycles
    • Define custom scripts that use any valid interpreter on the target system
    • Run scripts on the machine being provisioned or any other machine on the network
    • Include SovLabs and non-SovLabs Events
    • Save all the above in a reusable profile
    • Have multiple LCT profiles for different build scenarios
  • Script Components Feature
    • Create templated script definitions using SovLabs Template Engine
    • Agentless script runner can utilize VMTools, SSH or WinRM
    • Execute on specified machine or machine dynamically created in the blueprint
  • EBS Manager Feature
    • Easily manage EBS for placing script components or SovLabs modules within a VM lifecycle
  • Lifecycle Profile Feature
    • Organize script definitions and SovLabs modules in a single unit
    • Can be applied to VM component in blueprint
    • Fully integrated with EBS
    • JSON-based definition allow for fine tuning and overrides
  • No custom vRealize Orchestrator workflows required
  • Quick start process:
    • Define SovLabs vRealize Automation CAFE Endpoint (only required for initial setup)
    • Define SovLabs Lifecycle EBS
    • Define Script Definition (optional)
    • Define Lifecycle Profile
    • Apply to existing blueprint and provision!

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