Enable advanced provisioning capabilities from vRealize Automation

Gain control over configuration management, without disrupting DevOps teams. The OneFuse Puppet Enterprise module for vRealize Automation increases IT agility and speed of delivery for systems and applications by combining OneFuse ModuleFramework with Puppet’s advanced configuration management and vRealize Automation’s provisioning and lifecycle management capabilities.

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Puppet Automation and Orchestration Across Traditional and Cloud-Native Infrastructure

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Puppet on the Blueprint

Easily create software-defined Puppet configurations directly in vRealize Automation.

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Portability across clouds

Eases portability between private and public cloud scenarios.

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Multiple Scenario Support

Delivers dozens to thousands of Puppet deployment scenarios with minimal overhead.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Creates node in Puppet Enterprise Console and assigns to an existing group
  • Node classification support for Hiera, Manifest files and Puppet Enterprise Console
  • Installs Puppet Agent, configures puppet.conf, creates Hiera data and local Facter facts
  • Advanced framework features including:
    • Property injection
    • Dynamic, templated configurations
    • Credential store
  • Creation of multiple Foreman, Puppet Master and Puppet Agent configurations
  • Certificate signing/cleaning or Puppet auto-sign scenarios
  • Supports Hiera-Eyaml for automatic encryption of sensitive data such as passwords and certificates
  • Eases portability between private and public cloud scenarios
  • Supports code manager, r10k and custom deployment/code promotion scenarios and pre/post activities via inline command definitions
  • Supports simple or distributed Puppet implementations
  • Supports multiple methods of connectivity for remote host management, including SSH, WinRM, and VMware Guest Operations (VM Tools)


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