Easily create software-defined Red Hat Satellite configurations directly in VMware’s vRealize Automation and tie them to existing catalog items to enable automatic subscription registration and content deployment via Satellite.

The SovLabs Red Hat Satellite module for vRealize Automation increases IT agility and speed of delivery by driving Red Hat Satellite’s software and subscription management features from a cloud consumption model. Organizations depend on Red Hat Satellite’s errata management capabilities to stay compliant with security and bug fix management.

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Simplify Satellite

Easily drive multiple Satellite subscriptions.

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Deployment Governance

Ensure proper registration and content deployment.

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Reduce Blueprint Sprawl

Reduce blueprint sprawl and simplify Red Hat Satellite integration complexity.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Simplify Red Hat Satellite integration complexity with the capability of delivering dozens to thousands of Red Hat Satellite deployment scenarios with minimal overhead using the SovLabs Template Engine. Increase speed of delivery and reduce blueprint sprawl via dynamic template configurations and vRealize Automation property injectionProvisioning
    • Supports automatic downloading and installing Satellite CA onto a node (server with Red Hat OS)
    • Support for Capsule Server
    • Registers a node with Satellite activation key(s)
    • Installs Katello agent on a node
    • Option to force update a node from Satellite


    • Unregisters a node from Satellite and relinquishes license

    Advanced Framework Features

    • Utilizes SovLabs Credential Store for credential reuse between multiple configuration definitions
    • Property injection and inline commands with the SovLabs Template Engine

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