Faster Restoration for vRealize Automation

VMware vSphere VM snapshots are an excellent way to provide a quick point-in-time restore point for any vSphere-based virtual machine, for scenarios like OS updates, application changes or developer testing purposes. The ability to quickly roll back to a previous point in time has several advantages. With the built-in capabilities of vRealize Automation, entitled users can quickly create their own snapshots and restore those snapshots themselves.

However, snapshots are easily taken and just as easily forgotten. Snapshots across the enterprise can quickly accumulate, and negatively impact the underlying storage from a capacity and performance perspective. With no way to natively enforce snapshot cleanup and notify impacted machine owners of cleanup operations, many organizations choose to remove the vRealize Automation entitlement to create snapshots from their end-users in order to avoid the potential impact to their underlying infrastructure and end-user confusion.

With the OneFuse vSphere Snapshot Management Module for vRealize Automation, organizations now have a worry-free method to keep snapshots in check and keep their users properly informed with regards to snapshot maintenance activity and policies.

In a new category of software-defined end-to-end supported and pre-tested vRealize Automation integrations by OneFuse, organizations no longer have to deal with cloud management platform integration complexities. Manage your cloud without having to create or maintain workflow orchestration content and without worry of CMP or component upgrades breaking your IT processes.

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Automating vSphere Tagging in vRealize Automation with OneFuse

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Snapshot Policies

Create vSphere VM snapshot policies that can be applied per vRealize Automation tenant or specific business group.

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Schedule Snapshots

Configure snapshot retention, schedule, and notification group per policy.

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Schedule Snapshots

Customize plain-text or HTML notification messages to be triggered at snapshot creation, prior to expiration and at deletion.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Create vSphere VM snapshot policies that can be applied per vRealize Automation tenant or specific business group
  • Configure snapshot retention, schedule, and notification group per policy
  • Notification email templates can be defined for new Snapshots (upon creation), expiration warnings, and snapshot deletion
  • Notification email templates utilize the OneFuse template engine and can reference specific VM properties as well as user and snapshot/policy specific properties, e.g. days till expiration, tenant, business group, etc.
  • Notifications groups can consist of any combination of static email addresses as well as VM specific emails such as VM owner, business group manager/support/user email addresses
  • Multiple warning messages can be configured based on number of days from expiration
  • Snapshot scheduler can be independently managed and easily disabled and enabled for the entire tenant
  • Utilizes OneFuse Notification module for email-based notifications
  • Supports creation of multiple snapshot policies as needed
  • Exclude snapshots from management with regular expression patterns or simple string patterns on VM names and/or snapshot names
  • Simple 2-step install and upgrade process
  • Quick start process: Define vSphere/vRealize Automation endpoints, snapshot configuration, retention and notifications

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