With the SovLabs vRealize Automation DNS module for SolarWinds IP Address Manager, organizations who utilize BIND or Microsoft for DNS hosting now have a fully automated method of controlling DNS records as the cloud environment dynamically scales, reducing the support burden and increasing the chances of successful ITaaS deployments from the vRealize service catalog.

With the SovLabs SolarWinds IPAM module for vRealize Automation, organizations who utilize SolarWinds for centralized IP address management now have a fully automated method of obtaining and releasing IP addresses as the cloud environment dynamically scales. IP subnets can now easily be shared between vRA deployments and alongside existing tools and devices without fear of IP conflict.

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IPAM Design Deep-Dive

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IP Management

Obtain and reserve unique IP address(es) and automatically release during appropriate machine lifecycle.

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Avoid Lock-In

DNS and IPAM configurations are interchangeable between endpoint providers; avoid lock-in by easily mixing, matching or migrating DNS and IPAM providers with SovLabs.

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Flexibility and Scale

Separate dynamic BlueCat endpoint and DNS configuration definitions that allow for ultimate flexibility and scale.

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