Q: What is a hybrid cloud service?

A: A hybrid cloud service includes digital assets from a combination of on-premises infrastructure and some assets from hosted public or private cloud environments. A common hybrid cloud service includes web servers running in the cloud with load balancers, while the application servers and backend databases are hosted on premises to process business data. Together, this combination of IT resources that span both public cloud and on premises provides an application architecture that can easily scale with increases in demand.

Solution architects consider that a hybrid cloud platform is orchestrated to use certain resources from a publicly hosted cloud environment in conjunction with on-premises elements based on conditions. For example, when demand increases, some of the computing resources could be dynamically provisioned to a public cloud provider environment to handle the spike. Having the ability to execute this strategy with visibility and control is what some enterprises consider the holy grail—that is, right-fitting all the resources at the right time for the right usage demands and not sacrifice performance or overspend.

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