VMware vRealize Automation is a tool that provisions and automates the delivery of personalized services in complex cloud-based systems. In short, it facilitates self-service IT in multi-cloud environments.

Formerly known as vCloud Automation Center, this tool allows for end-to-end delivery of IT services and resources. VMware vRealize Automation is a core component of a greater suite of tools from VMware. Enterprises often use these tools tovirtualize,  automate processes, enhance IT architecture, or move to the cloud. Let’s learn more below.

vRealize Automation Features

  1. Agility

vRealize Automation helps organizations to respond faster to changes in business needs. Also, using the tool enables businesses to improve the rate and consistency of service deployment. This allows them to scale up and down on the fly.

  1. Simplicity and Empowerment

The tool empowers users to work without having to wait for the availability or approval of IT personnel. They can solve their issues and provision services on their own schedules. In addition, all users enjoy the ease of a consistent user experience when using the portal-based deployment.

  1. Control

The automation tool helps IT to set policies that govern users. This way, users can generate deployments without going against these policies.

  1. Choice

Your organization gets the ability to choose the environment that is best suited to host each application. This could be on-premises, a public cloud, or a combination of both. You get to run every app where it’s best suited.

  1. Efficiency

vRealize Automation abstracts services into models that run in the same way every single time. Consequently, you’re able to run your operations more efficiently. Services run the same way no matter where you deploy them.

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