It Takes a Framework

In 2012, the race to the cloud was on, but no one was providing the right vision and solutions to do it well. Legacy, private and public cloud approaches only made cloud automation and governance more complex.

Our founders saw a need, and they also had the foresight to know that things were only going to get more complicated over time as cloud initiatives scaled. So, they built CloudBolt on a foundation of flexibility to increase productivity, agility, security, and sanity in a way no other solution could.

CloudBolt started as a cloud management platform but has evolved to now offer a comprehensive, award-winning cloud automation, visibility, and governance framework specifically built to stitch together your disparate multi-cloud, multi-tool, multi-team world and bring order to your chaos. Through innovation and acquisition, CloudBolt has systematically built capabilities that benefit everyone across an enterprise – ITOps, DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps – by enabling:

  • Self-service IT that truly is self-service (no expertise required)
  • Integration of tools and clouds using whatever method suits any team’s needs (policy based, API, out of box connectors, or custom Python environment)
  • Clarity into multi-cloud spend with robust reporting that enables real optimization
  • Guardrails for better governance that ensure compliance and increase your security posture
  • Reusability of proven best practice elements, blueprints, and code so you stop having to reinvent the wheel across teams
  • Constant refinement and improvement through applied machine learning to make everything smarter and better.

Our framework allows you to unify and simplify – today and tomorrow. Future-proof your cloud strategy with CloudBolt.

Hitting a Wall in a Multi-Cloud, Multi-Tool World

The Truth About Hybrid Cloud

As cloud strategies evolve and scale, complexities explode. In this CloudBolt Industry Insights report, we ask 500 global IT leaders why they’re hitting a wall with cloud, and how they’ll overcome it.

Feel the love.

When’s the last time you actually loved a tech provider? CloudBolt’s customers and partners love doing business with us. It’s not a typical vendor relationship. We roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches. We listen deeply. And we obsess over their success. But don’t just listen to us – learn about the CloudBolt difference in the words of our customers and partners based on their real-world experience with us.

The crowd has spoken. See what they have to say. And discover why the love is real.

With a Net Promoter Score being 2.5X higher than the industry average, it is clear that our customers an amazing level of trust in our team as well as our hybrid & multi-cloud solutions and are far more likely to recommend us to their peers over users of competitors.

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