The Future of FinOps is Augmented

Expand the possibilities of cloud financial management with advanced AI/ML-informed full lifecycle capabilities for any cloud.

The cloud ROI problem

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Key advancements over traditional FinOps solutions

Augmented FinOps by CloudBolt consists of three core innovations that create ever-expanding advantages for our customers.
AI-informed insights

AI/ML-informed cost insights that provide enhanced cost observability and analysis, catering to various personas and perspectives.

Full lifecycle FinOps

The application of insights and automation across all resource stages, ensuring data-driven decision-making for cloud resources.

Cloud right approach

A unified control framework to facilitate the convergence of public and private clouds. This allows organizations to manage their diverse cloud computing resources as a single entity, offering a common access point and a unified user experience.


Proactively and retrospectively ensure value balance in the cloud

Full lifecycle perspectives
Amplify optimization efforts by preventing cost anomalies before they occur.

Unified cloud fabric
Extend FinOps capabilities to private clouds & emerging providers.

Intelligent orchestration
Shorten the insight-to-action gap with flexible, enterprise-ready, automation.

Accessible insights
Ensure timely, relevant, and actionable insights are available to every persona.

Augmented FinOps

Now certified to take your FinOps to the next level

CloudBolt is now a FinOps Foundation Certified Platform, and we’re confident that our Augmented FinOps solution can help any organization take their FinOps practice beyond what traditional tools can offer.

FinOps Certified Platform

Old way: Reactive and tactical

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Requires constant data manipulation to answer financial questions.

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Lagging indicator-focused

Lack of actionable guidance for better decision making.

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Miss opportunities for proactive waste avoidance/value creation.

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Rudimentary automation

Inflexible options that do not meet needs and often go unused.

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One-size-fits-all governance

Governance models that either hinder agility or allow cost overruns.

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Neglected private cloud

Lack of support for private cloud and secondary public cloud options create holes in visibility.


What got you here won’t get you to full Cloud ROI

FinOps as a discipline has done much to advance and programmatize cloud financial management. However, if you’ve been using 1st-generation or DIY FinOps tooling, you’ve probably found it to be incomplete, over-priced, and unreliable.

Top analysts are now saying that it’s time for FinOps 2.0 – what many are calling Augmented FinOps – to further help ensure that each dollar spent on cloud delivers maximum ROI.

Augmented FinOps is FinOps 2.0 from “Emerging Tech: Data Management Product Leaders Must Implement Augmented FinOps in Their Cloud Solutions” By Robin Schumacher, Adam Ronthal
Gartner, Inc. October 7, 2022

Why you should care?

Regardless of your role, Augmented FinOps solves what previous FinOps tooling couldn’t and elevates cloud financial management from tactical policing to strategic necessity.
Senior IT/Cloud Leader

You want to know your cloud investments are under control, continuously optimized, and rigorously maximized. You want to automate and orchestrate wherever possible, and you want to be a true partner to the other internal organizations to bring about change that positively impacts your business.

FinOps Lead

FinOps leaders want to be at the forefront of FinOps technology and best practices to improve operational control without stifling innovation. But if you’re like them, you’re constantly frustrated by attribution and visibility gaps, inefficient controls, and costly cloud overruns.

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