Gain real-time visibility to manage security
and compliance risks proactively

The average cost of a security data breach is $3.9M1. Also, the cost of one hour of IT downtime can be over $1M2.
Can you afford to just react to security lapses, or rather get ahead?

Govern your IT environment better while allowing your users to scale

Without proper visibility and governance in place, your IT environment is susceptible to shadow IT. 33% of security attacks will be on shadow IT resources by 20203. Shadow IT can also lead to cloud spend without your knowledge.

CloudBolt’s role-based access control is a powerful solution for all these challenges. Using this capability, you can define walls around the pool of resources and provide passwords to those sections only to relevant groups or users. This keeps the unwanted guests out and safeguards your environment. This works for both on-premises and public cloud environments. Plus, you can monitor if there are any lapses and you have any gaps so that you can proactively manage them before it becomes a costly expense.

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CloudBolt Governance using RBAC
Policy based automated actions to drive more IT operational efficiency

You’re busy. How do you proactively find the security vulnerabilities while maintaining your IT environment? To help you tackle this, you can run a periodic check against your environment using CloudBolt to check for conditions such as open ports, etc.

CloudBolt also supports managing AWS, VMware and Azure tags on your servers. You can run periodic checks in the environments to maintain a log of untagged resources. This can help you drive a tagging hygiene and thus improve security.

You can set actions to be taken once the policy condition is met. For example, send an email or Slack notification when an untagged resource is found, or an open port is found in a certain environment.

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CloudBolt Policy Rules
Continually improve your security and compliance posture with CSMP

Cloud environments can change rapidly and can cause issues with configuration tracking. You need to maintain granular visibility continuously to allow monitoring and reporting. You can check your environments against 300+ security checks using CloudBolt Cost & Security Management Platform (CSMP). This allows your users to find design flaws or configuration oversight in the application to gain elevated access to other resources.

CloudBolt CSMP enables you to stay compliant with regulations such as CIS, PCI-DSS, and even AWS well-architected principles. Using this you can identify any non-compliant resources such as ports, software versions, etc. Further, you can enhance your security posture and shift left through proactive monitoring and drive business outcomes.

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Kumolus Security and Compliance Adviser
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